Wen Hsu

-update- I feel like I'm coming back from the dead. Much has come and gone by, and some still happens, refusing to go into the past. But given the sequel of recent events, I've made a commitment with myself to come back to the woods and regain my former interest. So far I've cleaned my gallery up from the oldest pieces, in the hopes of filling the spaces with new illustrations to come. Again: a bunch of people I admire. Hopefully, the list will be updated soon with more exciting artists, as I go about meeting themJ.M.Rodriguez Millan: the owner of 'Cuerva' and a dear friend in le good ol'continent. He first inspired me as an artist, then as a person. And for this I'm thankful.A.P.Jasinski:I've had the pleasure to chat with'im via icq, real nice person, helpful tips and patient disposition to listen to all my rambling, or so it seemed. A hell of an artist and a cool musician too, check out his 'trylobyte' at mp3.com! really!G.J.Griffin: I'd met Geoffrey long time ago, when this Gallery was but a dozen pages...lost contact somewhere in the Elfwood Big bang...will attempt to restablish as a New Year's task.J.Ost: I think that nobody is unfamiliar with Johanna' set of punk fairies, if you're the exception, go!...it's welly worth it.R.Whitters: if i were an envious gal, i'd surely hunt him down and kill'im. No, really...besides being my favorite gaelic speaking irish/canadian changeling, his art is definitely worthy of admirationT.J.Shumate: i'm not quite sure what it is, but his small creatures are just so compelling