UPDATE! Nine new pencil drawings. I have really been on a roll for the past week. However, don't think that this is going to become the norm. I'm going to actually start some good outlining for my future fantasy story! Squee!Hi! Welcome to my nook of the woods! Please, pull up a chair and join me in a cup of hot cocoa!I am first and foremost a geek-a cooking geek, actually, but I haven't made any fantasy cakes yet to show you all. ;)As you may be able to tell, I like sketching and playing D&D as well as baking, sculpting, reading, and numerous other gerunds ;). I am currently working on a fantasy novel (but honestly, who isn't? :D ) as I also enjoy writing.I'm a very analytical thinker and I often spend hours trying to figure out how mythical beasts could work in the real world. Silly, but a fun hobby.Anyway, I live in Idaho. In my lair. I've always enjoyed drawing. And um, chocolate is my inspiration. Isn't it everybody's? But really, I am very inspired by the wonderful works of such Elfwood artists as Melody Pena and Sara Bean. Go check out their pages!Well, I'll shut up. No one reads these things anyway, right?Oh.  I like Cello Books Drawing Cooking Writing etc. Favourite movies Charmed NCIS Jane and the Dragon Becker Dragonheart Ladyhawk The Chronicles of Narnia Favourite books Squire's Tale books King Arthur stories Ivanhoe Redwall Freddy the Pig Ender's Game The Hobbit Favourite music Bowling for Soup Simple Plan Bach Mozart Gilbert and Sullivan John Williams Harry Gregson-Williams