Cherie Campbell

My New Art Home - This gallery is old and basically dead, but thank you for visiting! You walk into a clearing in Elfwood. There are papers, clothing, pop cans, candy wrapers, and dirty dished on the ground. In the middle, a short girl with shoulder-length blonde hair is scriblbing furiously on a pad of paper. 'Hello?' you say timidly. The girl jumps up and screams. 'DON'T DO THAT!' she shouts at you panting. When she finally calms down she grins at you and spins around. 'My name is Cherie Campbell!' she points to the sign hanging in a tree. 'I am a 14-year-old currently wasting my life in a little hick town where like, 3 people, would even bother to come to my funeral other than my family. I love cats and I need to find a life. WHY DON'T I HAVE A LIFE?!' Cherie then begins banging her head on a nearby tree. You stare at her in disbelief. 'Should I call the asylum?' you ask her. She turns around and gives you a blank look. 'Cherie is not here right now...please leave a message after the tone....beeeeeeeeep...' she says in monotone. 'Weird....' you say. Then you pick up some of the drawings on the ground and examine them... I don't take commissions since I'm not good enough,but I do art trades and requests! ^_^ UPDATE 12/23/04 Well, my new pictures are up and I trashed a few oldies that no one was commenting on anymore. Blech. Anyways, that now increases the number of Wesa pictures I have in my gallery into nearly complete domiation >.o Someday that will be fixed but I always have an overpowering urge to draw my little muse...XD UPDATE 5/11/05 As you can see, I did not suffer overly much from the Elfwood crash. I even have new drawings scanned! (Although not up just yet) I lost a few chapters and edits of my story in the Wyvern's, which I will fix someday. Not immediantly, but someday. For now, just letting you know I'm still alive! Be sure to visit my Journal for updates on my boring life. Toodles! UPDATE 12/16/05 This probably should have been done a loooong time ago, but I have now added a link to the new home of my art in my bio. *nod nod* Please visit me! I'll still be around Elfwood occasionally, but chances are this page will not be updated again. Please stop by BrainPoop for my stories and such.