Jeremy Whiteoak

Greetings, salutations and all that rot.Pull up a chair, take a seat around the fire and prepare for a story that will never end.There once was a young man who fancied himself a creator. Whether it was with pencil and paper or wires and electricity, he enjoyed bringing things to "life".He would run and play (American) football when he had the chance and never turned down a good book. He was even known to dabble in the artistic realms now and again though he never seemed to be satisfied with the results. Many blamed it on DAS (Darn Artist Syndrome)Though he wanted to get up and see the world in all it's glory (give or take a shining ray) he decided to take it one step at a time and so he joined Elfwood which had nothing to do with seeing the world.Okay, so maybe the story does end, or at least catches up with our story's hero.Note: I try to only put up pieces in their final stages, but comments (constructive criticism, your opinion and such) are always welcome. I like A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Favourite music 1. Rock and Electronica 2. Hip Hop, RnB and Country 3. Everything else

A Perfect Fit 03

Gideon/Kid fought the good fight but lost apparently. Now he and Rajel, courier extraordinaire, have been whisked away by forces unknown. Adunai, guard from Caylus Inudstries, must find their client and fast.

A Perfect Fit 01

The beginning chapter to A Perfect Fit. Introducting some of the people who will may play a role in events to come.

A Perfect Fit 02

Second Chapter - Things are beginning to take shape.

A Perct Fit 00

A small introductory piece that leads into the real meat.

The Stone of Mount Phiss

A mysterious ring, generations old and with a mind of its, falls into the hands of an able-bodied young warrior. Where it will lead him and how will it end, is something that he must live to see.


After what seems like forever the end of his paranoia is in sight.