Dora Baias

I don't know what I should tell you about me, but i'll try: I don't have experience with anything else than pencils and I don't  make time for learning other techniques. I go once a week at a drawing school and that's the only time I like going to school, mostly because my school's headmaster Is a demon in human form. That's all about my boring life, oh and if you are curious I am 14 :D My favorite magical creatures are the dragons and I can't tell anything else because my dragon friend is behind my back . I like to invent stories. I'm working on the older and the most complex one for three years now and I wrote only two chapters.... I have only the rest of the book and four other. I have some work to do this summer.....    I must thank you all for inspiration and techniques please don't mind the grammatical mistakes i'm still learning :D I like to learn more drawing techniques Favourite movies Well when it comes to tv shows: doctor who , torchwood, Merlin. movies; lord of the rings, Eragon and many other. Favourite books Eragon (trilogy, well actually there are 4 books),Bartimeus (trilogy) ,Septimus Heap, Geno etc Favourite music complicated... all sorts