Natasha Wickland

Hello there! I’m currently 16 and living in Australia. I love anime and various other things. Yes I do Art Trades so don’t hesitate to ask me!My current obsession is the anime Full Metal Alchemist. You’ll be able to see my fanart in my fanart gallery soon. Some other anime I like are RahXephon, Nadesico and Neon Genesis. I also love to read fantasy/sci-fi books. My favourite authors are Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time) and Stephen King. I love most types of music and my favourite bands are Linkin Park, Evanescence and Metalliaca.I now have a Deviant Art Gallery! This one is updated more than my Elfwood one, but don’t worry, I’ll get around to uploading my art to Elfwood. My deviant gallery is

Diablo Daimon Angelos Chapter 2

The Darkling is returned to his new home.

Dead End Angel

A short story that i had to write for english. It had to be in a futuristic setting and had to be able conformation in society (to conform or not to conform)I got a B++ for this...

Diablo Daimon Angelos Chapter 1

A dark story of a demon's love, told through the eyes of Lucifer's right hand man.

The Last Unicorn

I must say that i wrote this poem when i was in year 8 (12 years old) and that i had no idea that the movie (i think that's what it is) 'The Last Unicorn' existed. so any likiness to the movie is therefore completly co-incidental. I did this poem for an english assignment and got an A- for it.