I'm in the Writer's section as well, you can find me there.  I'm going into collage very soon and am looking forward to continueing my pottery which is the bulk of art that I do, mostly because it's art  I do well.  XD  I'm not the best at drawing or computer graphics so it isn't likely those will be put up here much. As of late my interest in tablets has reached it's max and I'm hoping I can afford a nice one between tuition and and more tuition for school.  I want to learn how to use my computer for the good of all my twisted creations that don't get made into sculptures. I like Pottery, kiteflying, anime, manga, running, swimming, painting, drawing, writing, flying, dreaming, anything and everything. Favourite movies Mirror Mask, Silence of the Lambs, The Dark Crystal. Favourite books Mercedes Lacky, Anne McCaffrey, James Mallory, and Piers Anthony. Favourite music Aerosmith, Within Temptation, Kenny Loggins, Gunter Gabriel and the Sunshine Girls. Avenue Q