Heavy Weapons Specialist Nephytis

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Companion piece to Witch Doctor Jahrinthar. Read and look at that one first so this one will make more sense. :PMy own troll Shadowrun character, Nephytis, or "Neffy" for short. Specifically, she is a type of troll metavariant known as a minotaur, hence the furry pelt and large horns capable of goring someone (no she is not part cow or anything; the metavariant simply resembles a minotaur of legend). Originally born in a small secluded village in Crete, Greece, she put her strength to good use after technical school and worked in construction for several years. Serious financial hardship befell her extended family however, and she and her little brother Jaison moved to the UCAS to make ends meet until her parents once again had enough money to support her brother. She's been in the California Free State for several years now, but unfortunately she hasn't been able to hold down a steady job, so she gets her money through shadowruns; mostly smuggling details and guard duty. She and her brother still have to live on the streets though, which is how she met Jahrinthar, who invited them to live with him in his apartment for the time being. Tribal music at 5:30 in the morning and "Mojo" in her coffee has yet to agree with her though. Unlike her counterpart Jahrinthar, she is a master of a different type of medium: Firearms, especially ones that pack a punch, such as HMGs, assault cannons, and rocket launchers. She is also good at hand-to-hand combat and demolitions, and has had a lot of military and quasi-military techniques and knowledge under her belt. The total opposite of Jahrinthar in personality as well. She's a bit shy and retiring, even meek, when not on the battlefield. She's perfectly content to be left alone most of the day, working on her guns and listening to music. Made with Staedtler pigment liners and my dying grey pen marker. No references were used except for her Ares Thunderstruck gauss rifle and musculature in her arm. Nephytis belongs to moi.

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