William Li

Well hello there. I live in a small country called the Kingdom of the Netherlands (yes, it's a monarchy). First I'd like to thank and praise Thomas A. for creating The Experience that is called Elfwood. It has truly become an amazing community where artists can be inspired to reach the greater heights :) Well, here you can see my fantasy art encompassing many years. And I'm still learning :) I like to make fantastical worlds come alive, drawing the viewer into them. There has to be more to the image than meets the eye, more than color, composition and skilled execution. There has to be a suggestion of reality, an ongoing story, history or emotion. That's basically what inspires me. I am mostly self-taught and I believe dedication, discipline and practice are more important than talent alone. I hope you enjoy my worlds of imagination. ^_^ DUTCH ELFWOOD ARTISTS GO HERE: Gathering of the DUTCH! :) Other stuff My main tools: Paint software: Satori FilmFX64 and/or Painter Favourite 3D software: LightWave3D and Terragen Favourite realworld media: good 'ol (coloured) pencil on Canson Mi-teintes paper. F.A.R.P. articles: Metal and reflective surfaces (1999, august) 'Figure drawing: basic pose and construction' (2001, june) NO FREE COMMISSIONS. Also, I do not give permission for using my images to portray characters, games or stories. Please do not e-mail me about this. And please do not steal or alter my work.Want to display my work? Read this first (FAQ), before contacting me.Got other questions? Best to e-mail me directly. Memorable events on Elfwood: 2006.10.01 - The ERB has hit my gallery with 16 removals! Wow! Fortunately you can still see them at my own site minus all your nice comments! Thanks to all who have ever commented. It was greatly appreciated! 2003.05.01 - Interviewed by Elfwood Woodworks :) 2001.04.10 - Artist of the day - Lothlorien gallery. Yay again! :) 2001.04.08 - the very First Dutch Elfwood meeting held in Archeon! 2001.02.19 - Artist of the day - Zone47 gallery. Yay!