William AKA Plot Master Pentazer

My name is Pentazer, or Plot Master Pentazer. Plot Master is a title I earned by writing over 600 different major events that I role play with friends of mine over the internet. More often then not, my character as Pentazer is a blue or crystal blue dragon. The encyclopedia I have written that contians the vast majority of The Universe has been steadily expanding daily. This Universe is what I have been working on for over 12 years and these images are all products of various major events written in The Universe from either the Galactic Saga or the Chronicals of the Realms (Sci fi and Fantasy respectivly). If your wondering why my gallery has not been updated in ages, its because Ive switched software to Maya 6 and Ive been busy with the game industry but now that things are clearing up, I can start posting my Maya 6 work up here! Be paitent, more Maya 6 work to come!