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My little plaything. A powerful machine that I sometimes unleash into The Universe (All these years and I still havent come up with a better name for my creation) to instill chaos and terror. Harbinger isnt large, but its small size doesnt make it a push over. Weighing in at 20 tons the machine shakes the earth when it walks and its armor is so thick it can withstand a blast from a Trebuchet Missile and only get a dent. Harbiner has 2 vulcans, 3 plasma cannons, 1 neo vulcan, an omega driver, 2 concussion morter tubes, 6 arm mounted ultra heavy machine guns, 2 vertial launcher packs (each containing 80 missle tubes), 2 linier rocket packs (each containing 35 rocket tubes), and finally claws. These weapons make up for Harbingers lack of speed. I have only unleashed Harbiner as few times and boy did it leave a trail of destruction in its wake. This omega mecha is not something to be toyed with or taken lightly. Made by me, PlotMaster the machine is designed to take on almost anything dished out at it. Harbinger is self aware but serves only me, hence no one in The Universe knows of its background only that its there. Harbinger is dextious enough to attack with its claws, even kick a target. But most of the time its couching down in its attack position to devastate whom ever opposes it. Oh and by the way, The Harbinger also posses unlimited ammunition since it self replicates its firepower from its reactor core. I try not to release Harbinger often but I have been tempted to set it loose more often. I was thinking of giving Harbinger a 'sex' but Im not certain if I should make it male, female, or leave it as just a machine with out any sexual voice bais. Of course the sex would only change the way Harbinger sounds but not its 'personality' (if any). Harbinger is also in my RPG as a 'Secret boss' yes hes beatable but its friggin hard... || Polys ~148,000

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