Rockwarrior Rocko the Banished one

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

William Jung

On another world, another place, more specifically Rockworld (they're a bunch of rockheads, could they ever get creative?) exists some primitive lifeform made of rock. They are the rockwarriors. Rockwarriors are born from magma and over time they harden and harden until they reach the rank of Diamondwarrior. Now the story of Rocko is that he was once a well thought of Rockwarrior, and was the trainee under Skullrock (who is a breed between Skeleton warrior.) Skullrock at the time was a great warhero againest the Skeletonwarriors so any who trained under him was considered a great honour (in terms of rocks that is.) But one time Skullrock found a pool of a powerful goo. It was forbidden that anyone would touch it because it offers more power than any rock should have. Unfortunately Skullrock's skeleton side of ambition took over and he consumed the entire pool. He also talked to himself about killing the Rockwarrior leader the Wise Rock. Rocko seeing Skullrock doing this had no choice but to fight Skullrock. The battle was tense, Skullrock outclassed Rocko in everyway. Just when Rocko thought all was hopeless, he used his remaining strength to strike a blow at Skullrock's head. The blow was far more than any would have expected. Skullrock's head was knocked off like a ball on a tee. His body shattered into millions of pieces. And at this convient time, the other warriors saw Rocko strike the final blow and saw a traitor. No one would believe Rocko's story because they believe Skullrock would never betray them. The Wise Rock banished Rocko of their homeland and cursed Rocko disallowing him to ever evolve pass Rockwarrior. Rocko now stands on the border of his previous home, guarding againest it with his life againest intruders. Hoping that they will forgive him.

Published More than a year ago

Category Science fiction

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