The Outcasts (Full Length)

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Emily Carding-Allen

Finally managed to get the whole picture scanned!(There's a detail elsewhere in the gallery) A little about this adventuring duo: Laquoria 'Ria' Mechlon Angwar is the daughter of the Guardian of the Sammissi Dell, the major Elven walled city of S'erril, which makes her practically royalty. The mage pictured here, is her half-elven half brother, Quargramarium 'Quarm' Angwar, the product of a human raid on their city when Ria's mother was raped. The family always insisted that Quarm be raised as part of the family, except for Ria's elder brother, the renowned warrior and hunter, Porterra, who hated Quarm for his impure blood. When Quarm becomes close with Silvanesti, their pure-blood sister who is training him in the arts of magic, Porterra is disgusted and challenges Quarm to a duel to the death. An unfair match, to say the least, as Porterra is an accomplished swordsman, and Quarm is only starting off as a mage! During the duel, Quarm calls on the God of Magic to help him, as he is close to death. Suddenly he casts a high level fire ball, which cripples porterra. Quarm vanishes into the woods, knowing he can never return. Incurring banishment themselves for doing so, Ria and Silvanesti set out to find him, but Silvanesti is brutally tortured and killed by orcs. Ria continues the search, and eventually finds Quarm, in the underdark...and many adventures ensue, including the reclaiming of the Guardianship of the Dell. Did I say a little? I meant a lot. Sorry. That's really just the tip of the soap operay iceberg! Kudos to you if you read it all!

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