Will Tull

Once again I come after so long, this site, these stories, all come back to me, like a revelation and I realize that I haven't done squat to upload onto here. Ofcourse the excuses come first, having no computer or internet of my own being first, being to busy or lethargic to retype my journal stories to upload, or that my work may me copied and someone else with be able to cash in on my ideas....Then I realize none of those are truly viable to escape my moral obligation to end these cliffhangers with I unfarily have left to gather dust for so many years. Nightmare in Wonderland is just getting good and I have left it at a critical deneumont for to long and Where Dreams Dare not Venture, unfortunatley my capacity for fantasy style writing has run dry, though my love of the genre is stronger then ever. So that one may be left unconcluded for the now, however Nightmare is too good to let die, I will be working on that more, though one or two more tales may be uploaded before.....But for now...my friends I bid you adieu

Nightmare in Wonderland Part 3: A Warm Welcome

The third and long awaited chapter in Wonderlands fall from grace and return to glory. Trent and Alice reach the Hatter's Mansion, but have a less then pleasent greeting.

Nightmare in Wonderland Part 2: Alice's Return to Wonderland

Part two of mt Nightmare in Wonderland chronicle, for you fans of the first one, your in for a treat, for first time readers, it's not for the weak at heart.

The Hunted

Another school assignment, I was trying to write a horror story in a modern setting, but with a classic feel, lemme know what you think.

Nightmare In Wonderland Part 1: Through The Looking Glass

My version of Alice in Wonderland, takes place in a gothic punk modern day, after Alice is all grown up, I know this part is a bit boring(character development), but part 2 is almost done and I think it will be much better.

Manhood Earned, By Blood and Fire

The tale of an average farm boy named Alex whose quiet, and often boring life, is about to be ripped away from him by a tribe of marauding orcs. By far my highest quality work yet, I think anyway.

Where Dreams Dare Not Venture Part 2: Lesson in Pain

Part two of my Where Dreams Dare Not Venture series, deals mostly with Potstauff and how his boss deals with failure...

A Different Kind of Love

A story of a girl who is kidnapped by a homocidal maniac and this is her last few moments in said maniac's basement, where she'll learn a secret that could have changed everything.

Where Dreams Dare Not Venture Part 1: Deceit

Part one of a chronicle of a brother and his quest for revenge.