Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

Just to show how insane I REALLY am, a picture of me in my Hallowe'en costume. I think I am the first person to EVER go as a Fixed Idea maid. :) About me? Well, I've been writing since forever, creating characters so I could examine parts of myself that I didn't understand. Now, I'm so used to it, I do it without even paying attention sometimes, and some of them have developed lives of their own. But most of my actual writing is poetry, because I have had trouble sitting down and writing out the stories that I do in my head (And most of them were never created to be written, they're just done to amuse myself and as therapy.). Life inspires me, for the most part, but only in providing me with a contrast to my own worlds. The realities I've created over the years have been both a haven to me and my major source of inspiration. In return, I allow them to evolve in their own way, to become things a part of me but beyond me. It's my glimpses of these worlds that I put into writing, but because these worlds are not like our world, my inspirations are almost always fantastic and mystical...... Other important facts: my theme song is 'Bitch' by Meredith Brookes, and I'm nice unless you hurt one of my friends, then WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!! Assassin time! LOL Yes, I haven't updated in forever. Sorry about that...

Medusa - Fleeting Touch

A classic example of how a poem can get away from me and write itself into something other than I planned. It was originally supposed to be about a more innocent Medusa, naitive about why the men were coming for her; instead, it turned out to be something much more sexual, with the men coming of their own free will to her. (The second of three 'femme fatale' poems I'm working on...)

A Prison of Self-Deprivation

I wrote the first section to try and explain how I felt when depressed, either that everything was my fault, nothing was in my control, or just plain helpless. My councellor suggested I continue it after I showed that to her, and try to resolve it. After working on it, I felt a lot better about myself, and had one of my few real stories.


The first of three 'femme fatale' poems (The second is Medusa - Fleeting Touch, the third hasn't been written yet). The legend of Sirens is pretty well known, but do you ever think of what would go through a sailor's mind when he is under the spell of the song? Sometimes, under such magic, there are worst things than death...

Haunted House - A Love Story

The title to this poem came to me when I read an article about some movie, where the writer argued the house was actually acting as a courter for this one woman... I don't think I achieved what I wanted to with this poem, that would write itself better as a story I think, so expect one with a similar theme sometime. On the other hand, this poem is great on it's own, and even manages to rhyme, one of the few decent ones I've been able to do in a while. I hope this is a sign I'm getting that talent back.. :)

Child of the Storm

This one is to all the children in between parents in the middle of a dissolving relationship. I've been there, and I promise, some day you'll fly away free, too. Just hold on, and don't do it the way this girl does...

Crazy Quilt

Ok, this is one of my older stories, I actually just found it on an old disk, forgot I had written it. Therefore, I'm not sure what the HELL it's about... LOL Near as I can figure, though, I might ask you to consider an evil that lives for eternity, but only by assuming life and taking what gave it that life... I'm calling this Horror, because that's what it makes ME think of...

Blood Dreams

Ok, this was largely inspired by the fantastic anthologies in the Snow White, Blood Red books edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, which are collections of modern, mature interpretations of 'fairy tales'. It's also based on a late night question, 'How EXACTLY did Sleeping Beauty survive all those years without aging?' My twisted mind being what it is, the logical answer came...

Why the Penguins Don't Live at the North Pole

I like making pseudomyths, like 'Why the *blank* does/doesn't/is/isn't *blank*'. This is one of my favorites, and surprising for me, it's funny. :)

River of Sleep and Hades

This started out of the line 'Midnight and forgotten dreams', but I wanted to use that line for a song, so I changed the poem into this. I promise, I'm not suicidal anymore; I just write like I am...

Final Choice

I don't know what to say about this; I wrote it one evening, looked at it, and knew I liked it. I feel like the princess sometimes, but I don't know if I'd be as brave as she was...

100 10001 101 1 1101 10010 - A Computer's Life

Well, this one kinda works on its own, without a description, other than to say that bunch of numbers in the title is binary code for 'Dreams', the true title of this piece. Enjoy, then take a good look at the computer you're using, and wonder, 'What if...?' :) Oh, ya, and I really like that line about forsaking gods, it seems to be better every time I look at it.... :)

Trapped in the Night

This is a sestina, a highly structurized poem style where the last words of each line in a stanza are repeated in an ever-changing order (If a word is in the first line in the first stanza, it cannot be in the first line for any other stanza except the last, etc...). Typically, sestinas are considered exercises, but this one has turned out remarkably well, and I don't think it would have been the same in any other format. I really like the effect, but I'm NOT going to be doing another sestina anytime soon, I spent over an hour getting the lines in order for this one... Oh, ya, it's technically inspired by the show CyberSix, but it can be enjoyed on a different level seperate from the show, so I'm putting it up.