Shadow Spirit of the Twilight

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Sara Brandau

 When I drew this character, I imagined he would be some sort of demon – a shadow spirit – a race who was believed to be destroyed centuries ago. However, fear still breath among the people, who know of the old myth: One day, one of the beautiful demons of light (day), who people called The Angels, fell down from the sky and into a shadowy and dark place on earth. The wings of the Angel were broken and the sorrow and loneliness filled the Angel’s heart. But Angels are filled with very powerful magic, and because of this, the wings grew out again. The magic, however, was the magic of light (day), and didn’t work as it should in these dark shadows and with a heart filled with loneliness and sorrow. Instead of beautiful wings with the colors of daylight, came dark wings with the color of night and shadows. As the time passed by, the darkness inside of the Angel grew bigger, and the magic grew darker, it became the magic of shadows (night). And the demon was no longer an Angel, but a Fallen Angel, an Angel of Darkness.  Another Angel came down on Earth, looking everywhere to find the Fallen Angel. The Angel looked all day, but without any luck. When night came, the Angel had almost given up all hope, but then in the darkest place on earth the Angel found the Fallen Angel. They met here for the last time, because the Angel knew, that even though they loved each other, the heart of the Fallen Angel was covered by the darkness and could never be saved. This night was the last night a glimpse of love could be seen in the eyes of the Fallen Angel.  Years went by, and some day a young demon was seen by a small group of people in a village. He was the son of the darkness and the son of the light. He was a part of the demon race that people called the Shadow Spirits or just the Shadows. Mostly they were hiding in the shadows, the darkest shadows, and every time the beautiful twilight came, the dark shadows grew longer, and out of these dark shadows the demons of twilight came. Their wings were made by the colors of twilight and they were filled with a strong and powerful magic that increased only by the moment of twilight. Every time night or day came, they returned to the shadows. They were weakened by the day and night, but they were still filled by the strong magic mixed by the magic of day (light) and the magic of night (shadow). They were filled by the magic of twilight.   It looks a bit weird, not only because I am not very good at drawing, but also because it is a lot bigger than the original one, I am not exactly sure why.

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