Well, i like writing stories from different points of view. I believe that no one knows the true story until they have seen every P.O.V. Sometimes i may write one short story, only to return to it but write it again from another P.O.V. One of my favorite inspirations is music. Music can help you to write something, due to the secret language that is telling a tale inside the song. Try it if you don't believe me. =þ.  I like I enjoy hiking, and venturing out into the unknown. I play Xbox Live alot, mostly Halo due to the great storyline and friends. Also i like to try different foods, YUM! Favourite movies I love the Harry Potter world (too cool lol.) Also i enjoy Pirates of the Carribean. And lastly the best TV show is Bones & House. Favourite books Lord of the Rings, has always caught my sci-fi section of my brain. It is truly an amazing read. Favourite music I like classic rock such as AC/DC, Pink Floyd, etc. Old rock somehow has a meaning to your day to day life. Each song tells a different story.

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