Steven Londe

 I am a math teacher.  I love reading and pursuing knowledge of  ancient and secret teachings of the ages. I also want to learn how to use my creative side. I am so use to using my left brain as a math teacher that I  am not very adept at using the right side. I also would love to be artistic-during my high school years, my teachers said I was awful. I would love to learn how to play harp-Celtic. I was always a little uncoordinated with my  hands-so playing is difficult. I like I love art work of faeries. I love to listen to music that is artistic and easy on the ears :-). I am into the nature based religions which believe in The Goddess. I love art that is very ethereal. Favourite movies Avatar. Favourite books Dan Brown's novels are really astounding. I love books related to my interests in the Goddess and the ancient teachings. I Love the Mists of Avalon. Favourite music Meditative, New Age, Folk.

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