William Murray

Most of my artwork is done on a pay-in-advance basis for online role-playing gamers that wish to have visual representations of their characters. Other than that, I do what I do for my own pleasure and that of my family and friends. I'm a 43 yr-old resident of Texas (USA) and have been doing art as long as I can remember. I love to play MMORPGs like Everquest and do a lot of fan art for fellow players (even though I gave up Everquest early this year and am waiting for AC2 to go live). I'm a big fan of both anime and classic western style fantasy illustration. Some of my favorite artists are Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Rowena, Olivia, Barry Windsor-Smith and Frank Miller (those last two are primarily comic-book artists). I have two published philosophy books and write fantasy novels for my own pleasure ... who knows, maybe I'll put one of them on this site. UPDATE (7-15-2002) - I'm in the process of uploading larger images and will max image size in the future. GREAT COMMUNITY!! UPDATE (7-22-2002) - I really appreciate all the comments, good wishes and yes, even the criticisms. I never expected such an active community and I'm very happy to have found this place. I will be joining Zone 47 sometime this week (ticket already in queue) and maybe later I'll be putting my 'Dragonlore' novel up in the writing section. I'm hoping to spend more time visiting your art sites and checking out all the wonderful work you guys do.