Of Steel and Flesh

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Rishav Sharan

Before I say anything about the character, here's If anyone wants to paint this picture, be my guest. just drop me a line at the comments-space. Since i do not have my own comp right now, I am unable to paint it and as I do not know anyone here so this is the way I'll have to resort for a collaboration. So now that the dirty stuff is over, its time for dirtier stuff... Azure. Azure Velyre. Perhaps the most interesting and dangerous female character I’ve created. She is evil, sheer evil and she is sexy. She lives only on one code of law; hers own. Impossibly physically gifted and a matchless strategist, hers is a story of how a single person strives to conquer the world, and is the only person ever to accomplish the task (Yay! Chalk one up for my megalomania). No she didn’t take on entire armies all by herself nor did she have some dumb all-powerful magical artefact. It took her ten years of living dangerously, mustering her army, fighting countless battles and using shameless dirty ploys when strength was not the answer. The story is set in a land where there is not much magic and no magical creatures. The known world is divided into many countries, kingdoms and the mighty Empire. Born of no known parents in the small city Torus, of the Empire, even in the orphanage people spoke of her intensity and abnormal strength and speed. When she reached teen age, she ran away from the orphanage and took the tests for joining the army. People at first laughed at her, for she was a very young girl and frail to look at, and even the instructors at first refused to test her. But soon they relented and when the result of the test was announced in the Town Square, people grumbled in disbelief for how could a girl of only 14 years of age and no education and known parentage outperform the stuttering hunks and the nearsighted intellectuals who had studied military strategy for years. How could the girl stand not only top the 1000 applicants of the town but make it to the Hossurs, the Hossurs… no way she must have bought the instructors. That must be it… Before we go any further, I must speak of the Hossurs. The Empire’s army had all the usual units and two unique and extremely powerful ones; the Sorceresses and the Hossurs, neither of which ever had over a thousand members. The sorceresses were a military guild of only magically gifted females, which gave support to the Hossurs, the most powerful and feared unit in the known world. The individuals of Hossurs were exceptionally strong and yet light-limbed and were at the peak of human physical abilities. Their training was torturous and their discipline, legendary. Each Hossur was an equal of 15 men in combat. But their greatest strength was their speed in battle. They wore the very expensive and almost indestructible Desper armours, which were no heavier than the leather suits they wore underneath, and rode the Kraemen beasts, mighty and extremely aggressive carnivores who could reach speeds far greater than achieved by any living thing that runs or flies; and climb walls or bound up steep mountains with the same ease as on level ground. They would attack any army no matter how large and before the blink of an eye would disappear, only to regroup and attack somewhere else, creating confusion and fear and breaking the formations of the other armies. But coming back to Azure, she was a loner and hardly one of the distinguished popular club. In fact she was generally disliked and shunned, and on her part hated all others with great fervour. She had a big attitude problem and was a sadist ( I really love this part). And yet she did not go looking for trouble, she only wished to be alone. But others played tricks on her and harassed her, putting dirty things between her bed-sheets, hiding her clothes and writing vulgar comments on her scrolls. One day as she was bathing all alone in a nearby creek, a fellow trainee stole her clothes which were kept on a rock, and laughing with malice ran away. Minutes later she walked into the camp completely naked, her face framed by her wet hair and a twisted smile on her face. Others crowded around her to look at her and laughed. Her twisted smile broadened as she spied the one who had stolen her clothes and she dragged him to the centre of the camp and calmly hammered stakes through his palms. Some of the bigger ones tried to interfere but soon regretted the decision as they rolled on the ground in pain. She then simply put on her clothes and went back to her room, awaiting punishment from her instructors. Every one left her alone after that incident. And soon she discovered her love and her destiny. The greatest destiny of all, the path to which is always wet with blood. The world was ripe. The people needed a protector, a messiah… a ruler.

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