Frances Gibbs

Welcome to the Wolf's den; my Library! A little about me:I am a 17 year old Graphic Designer, living in Mesa, Arizona with my wonderful husband (and Elfwood Artist), Thomas Gibbs! The move from Perth, Western Australia took place in June 2004 and I am now happily a residant (albeit conditional) of the USA. I would like to thank Elfwood for allowing my husband and I to meet over two years ago - a meeting which quickly led to love, engagement, and finally marriage on October 18, 2003. Interests: Writing, Roleplaying, Animals, Horse Riding, Art, Music, Reading, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and other things I forget right now... :P Following is a few of those interests in a little more detail.LITERATUREI love to read and write - particularly fantasy, as you will see from the content of this Library. Most of the literature here is, unfortunately, not my most recent work. Currently I am working on an extensive journal of my first RPG character, a Frost Elf named Shivanyel. Currently its at about 30 pages, or approximately 20,000 words and growing every day! When it improves in structure and begins to resemble something with more than a little coherance (lol) I will begin to put up parts of it here to replace a few of the older or less-appreciated poems/stories. Honestly though, its looking to be one of my best works.. I'd like to believe that I'm improving...! ;) As far as my poetry goes, I haven't composed any for a long, long time... Maybe that will change soon.. who knows. As far as reading goes, my favourite authors include Tad Williams (especially Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series), R.A.Salvatore, and Paulo Coelho. Hmm.. and a few others that don't come to mind right now... :P Reccommended Writers: Thomas J Gibbs - My soulmate, and a talented writer and artist!When I have a little more time on my hands, I'll update my reccommended list, so write a comment if you'd like to be added! :)Art I have always loved to draw and create art, and lately my enjoyment in using Graphite and Ink has developed into an obsession with computer generated and manipulated art. If you want to know a little more about my art, go see my Gallery! I've begun to diversify my style and medium of art and I'm quite proud of the results, although there is much room for improvement.. :P MusicI'm pretty open minded about things, including music; I enjoy a wide range including black metal, death metal, power metal (go Timo Powerful! :P), some other random types of metal, celtic, classical, occasionally a bit of new age, and some other types that elude me at the moment. Currently among my favourites are Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, Kotipelto, Diabolical Masquerade, Atrocity, Dargaard, Sonata Arctica, Lacuna Coil, Darkane, Mnemic, Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Odyssey, Nightingale, etc), Stratovarius, Winds, the Kovenant, Mushroomhead, Therion, Faith no More, Mork Gryning, Naglfar, Immortal, Summoning, and of course Sithiyn and (the late) Kingdom of Dis, both co-founded by multi-talented Thomas Gibbs. As we have over 300 cds in our collection, the list goes on! :P Tom and I are currently working on music for our new band Shadowsong which includes drums by Aanval (Kingdom of Dis, Sithiyn), guitars, vocals and bass by Thos (Noctophilia, Kingdom of Dis, Sithiyn), and vocals and keyboards by myself. I'm pretty excited about it! :)Latest Music Reccommendations:Atrocity's latest cd Atlantis is an excellent concept album by a band who's done it all; its fairly heavy but extremely varied in music style and vocals. Another must-have is Kotipelto's new power-metal album Coldness; Timo's vocals and music are as excellent as usual! Excuse me for this long section on my musical interests, but as you can see, Music is a huge part of my life!! :)Enjoy perusing my Library, and feel free to comment on anything! ~ Frances Sylverwolffe Gibbs 'Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World, and one day it will return there.' - The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho Last Bio Update: June 30, 2004


This change - obvious to some, though others are oblivious. The apocalyptic bit was thrown in fairly randomly just to ensure it gets through the moderators... ; )

Oh, the Stars

Inspired by the night skies... The words are so simple because its a song.

Stillness Broken - A Collection of Prophetic Verse

These are a series of verses I wrote at various times throughout last year and this year. In truth they were replies to issues and experiments of style, but I decided to wham them all together to create the greatest prophesy of the darkest time... well, actually no. That is still to come. *grins wickedly* ha ha. well, I apologise for how it seems so broken up... try to read them as separate verses - most of them, atleast - rather than one continuous poem... *sigh* oh well. Enjoy...

The beheading

An account of a dream I beheld on 22/03/2002. Although it has been spruced up a little, all of the actual events are what I dreamt. enjoy! :)

The Ancient Ones (poem)

A poem i did while pondering the mysteries of Dragons...


I was in a bit of an other-wise mood, at the time, if you can tell.. :P

Angel'd kiss

A tale of unrequited love... Click the link, and see the illustration.

Light, Darkness and Balance ~ Prologue

Three people are thrown abruptly into a world tangled in a web of a war (inter-planar?) between Darkness and Light. A revelation comes to the most unlikely of prophets as the balance that should have been upheld for countless billions of millennia is being upset most dangerously and severely. We follow the characters through one plane into another, then into another and back again, leaping back and forth through the very walls of the insubstantial existance we call reality.

Elemental Dragon

Verse 1 and 3 were written here by Edward.C.Arvidson . The rest I can take credit for.. :P

And comes the Darkness...

A girl's encounter with a vampire Lord of Darkness, whose power is as seductive as ever...

Mistress of the Nameless

Concerning a Sorceress of great mystery.. Subtle yet powerful Mistress of the nameless enchantments, She herself is without name, and hidden in identity.


Inspired by a drawing I was doing at the time. Click here to see my pegasus!

'Dragon' (poem)

Another poem I wrote, while thinking about dragons - what they are, and what they seem to be... these (this one, and the ancient ones) were written early last year.

Battle of Skye

This is based on a dream of a past life... just replace the dragons with two planes during WW2 and y'have my dream! It is a little unfinished... It was written on the ferry from Scotland to Ireland.

Angel'd Light

The love of an Angel...

Bloods love

It is a vampire! AAAAAHHHHHCOughcoughcough

Chaos and Void

I often wondered what could happen if you merged two opposites completely, so they could exist simultaneously perfectly intertwined, each still carrying on with the things they always did, each still being the opposite of the other, and yet matching each other flawlessly... I imagine that is what perfect balance is. I wrote this at a time none too long ago when I vaguely sought after this perfect balance, this purity. I realised that the more you seek after it, the more it alludes you. So I let it be. It still intreagues me, though.. So I just spent five minutes explaining how it applies to me, but really, its Fantasy.. lol.

Dawn, day, dusk, night

I suppose She is the Goddess, the Mother of all existance that many believe in. For my part, I could imagine her to have certain wolf-like qualities, but that is no surprise, coming from me... ; )


a short liddle thing I wrote in Ireland, about a leprechaun


This came to me as a vision, concerning a friend. I wrote as it was shown and told to me. It doesn't mean much to me now, because I know that the concept of an uncontrollable 'fate' is the worlds greatest lie.

Sorrow - short poem

A short piece of poetry I wrote while gazing up at the waning moon.

Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods

Poetry based on the prophesy of the great battle of Ragnarok, and the event s leading up to it, as known in Norse Mythology, as much as I have done so far... My rendition of Fenrir lives here and here in my loth gallery.


I like these 'beware the end is nigh' kind of dark prophesies, dont I? Heheh.

Demon (poem)

What would it be like to be possessed by a demon? Would it seem as terrible as it might be? Just my vague interpretation.


This was written with a serious of other fire-related poems. It reflects the feelings of someone in love with a Dragon.. a creature to whom no mortal life can be permanently linked, as it may seem.

The Letter - short story

The Lord of the small holding of √Čirinnsbaile recieves a letter from a distant cousin. although the appearance of the letter itself is surprising enough, the contents are far more disturbing... May Arrawn, Lord of the dead, and ruler of Annwn claim another soul...? (*sniffles* i hated to break it up like that, but apparently it was too long by itself, and no one would read it! lol)

Angel'd Wings

In love with an Angel...


A poem written for a drawing of a werewolf (click the link.. he's calling to you...). In my opinion, this poem looks better visualized than read plain, which is why its being turned into a background for the drawing.


About a Light Mage... self explanatory

Invocation of the Elements

Heheheheh... Aww, c'mon.. every fantasy library should have an invocation of SOME sorts!

Light, Darkness and Balance ~ pre-narrative Poem

Three people are thrown abruptly into a world tangled in a web of a war between Darkness and Light. A revelation comes to the most unlikely of prophets as the balance that should have been upheld for countless billions of millennia is being upset most dangerously and severely. We follow the characters through one plane into another, then into another and back again, leaping back and forth through the very walls of the insubstantial existance we call reality.

The SnowWolf

Shienne is a mysterious woman who lives unhindered in the freezing wint'ry forests with her wolf pack - until the terrified hunters appeared, and with them the 'dreamsearcher' who's life is linked strangely and intricately linked with her own...