Leonardo Ceballos

I've been in love with sci-fi/fantasy since before i could talk (and I talked early mind you.) It all started with the lovely starship Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C, or D) ,  the Motion Picture version. which in my opinion remains one of the most elegant starship designs of all time. But althoug I'll always habe a soft spot for Trek, I've since moved on to enjoy all kinds of fantasy, from Tolkienesque High Fantasy to Neo-goth World of Darkness adventures to Babylon 5 and Farscape. Oh, and comics too. And some anime. And video games...I'm as huge a gamer as you can imagine. I like my fantasy drawn, written, filmed, computer generated or served with fries. Its all good. As for my own works: Again, its all good. Theres hardly a moment in the day where my mind isn't off exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization in the darkness of a rouge planet or deciphering some ancient elven script in a voluminous magic tome. And once it comes back, I get the itch to show people what I've found. So I write, or draw, or digitaly create, or ocassionaly sculpt.  If I was struck blind I'd learn music ASAP and express it that way; or I'd go insane. Weather what I make is any good or not I'll let somone else decide; I only know I have to create it or else.These days I am a freelance comercial artist working mostly with advertising stuff...eh, pays the bills. But I've decided to re-dedicate myself to my fantasy stuff and hopefuly find some ways I can pay the bills with it too.  As I am stuck at home most of the day and quite literaly living on an island (Puerto Rico) I'm eager to join Elfwood and meet and be stimulated by people who are also working with this kind of art. In that spirit, I welcome any and all comments and encourage people to e-mail me at webmaster@wolfmage.com to talk shop or whatever else; one can never have too many friends.