. Salutations, My name is Vixen. There's not much to know about me except that I am 22 yrs old, happily married and a proud mother of my daughter Hope and son Donovan. In this gallery you will mainly see chracters from my comic I will eventually produce called Clan Midnight Fire. I Also would like to thank all the members of the clan( you know who you are) for inspriing me to become a better artist and begin seriously dabbling in the wonderful world we all call art. After all what would the world be without the wonderful imaginations of all the artists around the world hmmmmm............. Speaking of here's a list of some great artists you should check out, people who have inspired me and just have all a round awesome galleries: Luca Indarccolo A master of detail, Beauty and action. Sylvia Baker Gargoyles and furries need I say more? Beth Zaiken great furry pics. Dragos Stancules Amazing cg pics Jasmin'Azurite' More gargies*G* Lara kahle Wonderful cg gargies*S* Stefan Holmgren Amazing graphite work Russ horseman the most beautiful mermaids you will ever see. Alton Lawson Wickedly created chracters and creative scenes 'Neon Dragon' amazing cg pieces Bradley Hicks a master with a pencil Martin Vire has an amazing inking style Matt henger Fanatstic inking and a gift for sci-fi that no one else I've seen has. Michelle Mayo Outstanding graphite work her griffons put many to shame. :that's all for now, so please go check out my work and for heavens sake leave a comment*scratches under her black dragons chin*S*