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T. Smith

I already tried to upload this, and my computer died. I had a good description, but since I was fed up with my comp and don't feel like retyping all of it now, this description's kind of lacking. Basically, I did ALL of this COMPLETELY by HAND, no computer touch ups AT ALL except some shrinking so I could put it up here. I did ALL of this COMPLETELY from scratch--no reference to help me out, nothin', nada. Basically, I got home from school one afternoon, for once didn't feel like getting on the comp, went downstairs, set up, sat down, and started painting. The lines I penciled in only AFTER painting it because it helped define the picture better. What looks like little patches of fire underneath the head is actually supposed to be part of the neck, but it didn't come out real good. This is sort of a draconic-head-study thing...so...yeah. I used pretty much one size of paintbrush for this- a very SMALL paintbrush, for some odd reason--except for the black background, for which I used a paintbrush about four times the size of the smaller one, with a width of about this wide: ----. That's it. The little letters in the bottom right corner are my signature-- "T.J.S." The J is for my middle name, and don't ask what it is. I know there are a billion things wrong with this, but this is what happens when I'm just...well, not feeling anything but like snapping at people if they talk to me. So...this is it. Enjoy. Fwaha. Fear me. I AM THE MASTER OF YARN!!!!

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The Angel and The Damned (Chapter One)

All Hallow's Eve. Midsummer Night. Halloween. 'When the freaks come out'. Or for the residents of Wakiomo, 'The Damned'. Four Histish boys live on the edge of the junkyard with their grandmother, who most call 'Auntie Fey'. They're a good bunch, polite and easy to get along with. Many are friends with the boys. Some aren't, but even though there are disagreements about whether this family can be trusted--they do live, after all, on the edge of the junkyard--everyone belonging to this small town knows of the sixth resident in the boys' home, and his purpose--and they keep him secret. They call him Gabe, after the angel Gabriel, because that is what he is to them--something of an angel, and he is the only protection on All Hallow's Eve, 'when the freaks come out'. When The Damned come out. But there is a new family moving in. A broken, incomplete family, consisting of Emeline Engill, her son, Brett, and her daughter, Jack. At first, the newcomers seem reasonably normal and the people of Wakiomo are reassured they'll take no serious notice of the strange little superstitions and rituals, and overall odd behavior of Wakiomo's residents and consider them nothing more than just that--little superstitions and rituals and simple overall odd behavior. But Emeline, Brett, and Jack moved into this small, somewhat 'country' town for reasons. Reasons they don't plan on sharing--not the real reasons anyway. For the Engills, this new home is a safehouse from their previous life. But they have no idea how dangerous it really is. Or rather, jack has some idea, but no one's listening to her. Jack is immediately drawn to the Fey boys, and especially Gabe. Yet her behavior is odd--it's obvious she wants to really talk to them, yet she stays on the edges, not approaching the boys or anyone else unless absolutely necessary. But then Jack and her family experience something they can't believe and can't deny. And because of this, they all becomes involved with the dark circle of the small town's dark history and pulled into in the never-ending battle with The Damned. But it's not just the dark past of the town Jack herself gets involved with. She gets involved with Gabe's dark past, too. And he with hers.

The Halfblood (Chapter One)

Not a very creative title, I know. This is sort of just a beginning I'm planning on developing into a story eventually. It's hard to give it a summary though. Basically, there's something of a war going on about a century into the future of our world. There are new creatures, monsters, etc. A girl is fighting with the resistance against a tyrant that has brought Man to its knees, and a humanoid creature most would call a monster searches in painful hope for a place to belong, outcast from even his own kind because of his mixed blood. Saved from otherwise certain death by this girl and her friends, he faces the option of either helping them, which goes against nearly every rule of his kind, or spending the rest of his life barely surviving on the edges of society. What no one knows is that his decision will affect the future of humanity, and ultimately, the world. Choose wisely, young one.

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