Hi everyone! I'm a creature from Finland, born on June 7th in the year 1990, and I'm studying animation at the moment. At my apartment in a town called Raahe I have two super-cute cockatiels of my own. These guys are called Tico (hatched 2005) and Jiri (hatched 2009). I also have 2008 hatched Pearly Conure boy, who got the name of Devon, and a 2011 born Swedish vallhund girl called Gaia :3 At the town of Kajaani, in my parents' place lives our Green Singing Finch, my mothers budgie Tatu, and a Finnish lapphund called Saaga.I tend to draw at times (as you may have noticed...) and I even have started some writing some story projects, but they are still pretty much unfinished... Maybe I'll manage to finish them one day and translate them into English so I could upload something here, too. As I don't upload all of my fantasy works here, I think you should visit my gallery at http://waittiz.deviantart.com/ or my old dA account whitephoenix7.deviantart.com/ if you're interested. There's also some nice photos I have accidentaly taken of my birds and other stuff, and of course there's some pics of parrots I have drawn.   I like Birds, arts, reading, teasing my tablet, flying with bird-demons, daydreaming of the better times and living on MARS. Favourite movies Hmm... Avatar -The Last Airbender, Doctor Who, Torchwood and Stargåte Favourite books Potters and The Tales from Earthsea, Diana Wynne Jones's "The Darklord of Derk's Holm"&"the Year of the Griffing" and any of Terry Pratchett's books. Favourite music Varies. But especially the music which sounds epic :3