Swamp Beast

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Laur Megraw

Name: Unknown (Hum. Swamp Beast) Size: Approx. 15 feet tall at the shoulder Location: Terran II wetlands Diet: A wide variety of wetland vegetation. It spends all day feeding to sustain its massive body. Hatchlings are carnivorous and insectivorous, though as they age their diet changes drastically. General Behaviour: Highly territorial and aggressive. There is generally only 1 for every square 50 km. Not very intelligent and with little long-term memory, they are mostly incapable of distinguishing individuals, and cannot form relationships with other creatures. Reproduction: Once every few years, they all congregate in a single breeding spot to lay eggs. This spot is a high, grassy hill located far above the swamps, providing a safe place for hatchlings to hide from the adults. As these beasts are hermaphrodites, they both lay and fertilize these eggs. Many battles ensue because of the creature's natural viciousness, and the remaining carnage is mainly what sustains the hatchlings until they are large enough to forage for themselves. Special Features: A long prehensile tongue and highly sensitive tentacle around the jaw and shoulder make up for a lack of sight and hearing. Organs similar to the ampullae of Lorenzini in sharks are present on said tentacles. Armored plating protects the legs and neck of the beast.

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