Welcome! I'm a goldsmith who has enjoyed drifting into fantasy worlds since childhood. I read a ton of fantasy books and was quite into RPGs, mainly the german game DSA. I'm still hoping to pick that back up someday.I don't have much time to work on my drawings anymore, but still comments and criticesm are most welcome.2012/06/26 - Wow, I haven't been here for more than ten years. Changed my bio (not in school anymore, obviously...) and deleted the oldest pictures. I'm going to upload some stuff that is still old, but I haven'T drawn any fantasy stuff for some time, sadly. But at least it'll be newer than what is up now.2012/08/24 - I now have a FanArt gallery under the name of sylvanna. There's only one picture there, but it's one I like a lot, so please have a look :) Favourite movies Last Unicorn, Game Of Thrones Favourite books A Song of Ice and Fire, Death Gate Cycle, The Witcher, Ender's Game, Drenai Series