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He needed to get away! He knew he shouldn't have ventured off all by himself, but the pressures of being a leader was getting to him. On top of that, his troops were driving him crazy. Always getting into some sort of trouble leaving him to clean up their mess. This never left him any time for some privacy. All, the captain wanted to do was to have some alone time without any interruptions. He told his men that he would be scouting the area and he’ll be back within an hour or two. This bought him enough time to get some peace and quite for once. While scouting the area he found a nice little shallow lake nestled deep with in the forest. Since it was a hot and humid day—plus he had some free time to spend—he decided to go for a swim to cool down. ‘Yes,’ he said to himself, ‘Some time to unwind, just for a little while.” He was to lead a small excursion team to explore this sector of an unknown territory. It was an easy job, but none of the other soldiers back home were up for the task. Even the king was hesitant to send out people to this land. They were all afraid...afraid of some stupid legend. It was said that when people ventured into these woods they never returned. They remained lost here forever. Also, to add to this ridiculous legend, a tribe of Amazonian man-eating cannibals lives deep in these woods. They believed that the previous explorers where captured and eaten, hence the reason they did not return. It was a silly story, but why was he getting all edgy…”Oh, for crying out loud!” he said out loud. “It was just stupid story probably concocted by a nearby kingdom to grab this territory for themselves.” For years, the king has sent out a convoy to explore these woods and none of them returned. The captain believed they were probably paid off just to add to the hype of this stupid legend. He was also quite confident that he will be successful in his endeavors, and he and his men will return home safely. Thus, abolishing this stupid rumor of cannibalistic amazons and gaining the glory of exploring this new land. The absurdity of just thinking of such a thing exists…man-eating amazons…pure balone…what was that! The captain hears a rustle in the bushes. ‘It was probably the wind…funny though…I didn’t feel a breeze.” Oh, the story was getting to him. “The legend is nonsense…PURE NONSENSE,” the man yelled out loud, trying to assure himself of what he just said was true. Thought he heard a giggle after he said that. Maybe I should be getting back to the camp, he said to himself. ‘Those men are probably goofing off right now…oh what am I doing. I’m getting all freaked out over a silly rumor. I’m one of the Kings best warriors, I fought many battles and won. I've slew dragons and beasts of all kinds. If the legend is true, then I can surely beat a bunch of women…well, I wouldn't really hurt them...just tire them might be even fun!' The thought calm him a bit. 'Oh, I might as well enjoy the time I have to myself. I deserve this! He calmly settles back into the water thinking of his triumphant return back home. Suddenly a war cry came out of nowhere. ”oh shi….!” --- all done on open canvas Comments please!

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