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***Updated January 10, 2008***  "Little Queen of Spades and the Suicide King" just cleared the queue.  It's a stand alone post-apocalyptic thing... If I can get the muse to come back, I'll write some more.   Any of my stories posted here, at the Wyvren's Library in Elfwood, are here for critiquing purposes only.  If you are interested in publishing my stories, please contact me through the comments section or email me at the link above.  And thank you, THANK YOU! to everyone who leaves their criticisms of my work.  Even negative criticisms are constructive.There are some extremely helpful critiquers out there.  They can be found over at YahooGroups.  Namely Bifrost Fantasy, The Herscher Project, and  Wyvernsmiths. There are some pretty cool people involved in this gigantic Elfwood thing. A few I’ve met were in these groups. Bifrost is great for projects and just about anything you need from why your computer drawing thing won't work to recipes for Woodchuck Pie. We even have our own forum. There are tutorials and real live Elfwood moderators who will answer your questions! Everyone there is helpful and kind. It’s the best group of any sort I’ve belonged to on the internet. So you rabble rousers just stay away from that link, okay? Both the Herscher Project and Wyvermsmiths are composed of a great bunch of writers; a surprising amount of them are published!  Over at Wyvernsmiths, we critique each other’s works.  You can get two (and sometimes more!) critiques a week, as long as you give two yourself.  It helps keep writing and editing skills sharp. If you have a story that needs sorting out, wyvernsmiths is the place to take it.   The folks over at Herscher are a sort of combination between the other two.  There are monthly projects and always willing critiquers. A side note:  For my "Joined Elfwood At..." date, I went by my oldest comment from "The Barn".  However, I know I was here in 1996 trolling around looking for fantasy pictures when this place was called Lothlorien. I return comments as soon as time and life allow. I like Reading. Outdoors

Genesis Vault: at Center City

Weapons of Mass Destruction have reduced the world as we know it to a barren wasteland. America's largest cities stand empty, except for the long-rotted corpses of the citizens that died there, infected by genetically altered plague strains. Other cities were ground zero for nuclear warheads. Domesticated animal populations were also wiped out; others became wild or feral. Always, there are survivors. Nearly a generation and a half after the Apocalypse, life in the US has degerated to a new weird and wild western world. Influenced by the many post-apocalyptic, speculative fiction, and alternative history stories I've picked up and read over the years. From Audolus Huxley and Stephen Vincent Benet to William Gibson and Stephen King. Also some Bret Harte, Louis L'Amor, and the Deadlands collectible card game. And of course the ever-popular Fallout series. This intro probably doesn't make sense to anyone other than myself. I am basing my NaNoWriMo novel on this story.

Mushrooms & Rabbit Fur

A chance encounter in the woods and a fair trade enable a young woman and her smallest brother to escape a life as slaves. This story was inspired by Sabrina Seltenreich's picture.

Zamora - 1 - The Box Supper

This piece was previously titled 'Even More Zamora'. I've been working with Zee for a few weeks now, on and off with another piece that's been haunting me. I've taken down the minute fiction beginnings to rework them into something that fills out a storyline a little better. Chronologically, this is the first part of Zamora's story. I have to wait and go through the queue again before I'll have everything I've got typed up ready to upload here. The witch Zamora during a moment of her happy youth, in which she enjoys spending time with her Nana, preparing for a box supper. I'm not sure how common these things are these days, but I'd be willing to bet I'll run across more cake walks in the next couple of years. It was greatly inspired by the Lum & Abner movie 'Partners in Time'. You get bonus points if you know who Lum & Abner are. :D My fiction is posted for critiquing purposes only. Please leave constructive criticism. Thanks!

Little Queen of Spades and the Suicide King

Another little post-apocalyptic something. Most definately inspired by Hurricane Katrina. Even before Katrina, I'd had the idea that large portions of the world that were below sea level would one day be below the sea if something BIG and destructive happened. I fantasized about the New Madrid fault and the Mississippi River running backwards when I was a teenager. I also had become interested in syncretism in religions and voodoo and hoodoo and rootwork... I like to research fun stuff like real-life magic. I brushed lightly over Santeria, and bought a St. Peter votive... This thing's been sitting untouched for a while. I did a read through to make sure it applies to the Elfwood rules and changed a little thing here or there - 'Amish' to 'Menonite', etc. It's a clearly unfinished portion of a larger piece. Maybe it could have made itself into a novel if I'd kept at it? Maybe my muse will bite me on the... er... This originated as my NaNoWriMo novel for 2006. I made it to about 10,000 words and then had to go back to whatever it was that I was doing in real life. I haven't written anything much since then, except for the occasional blog, naturey nonfiction, and reports for work. I have no motivation and no quiet time. Soon... I hope. I also used lots of footnotes. Mostly for the mods benefit, but I just couldn't help myself once I got started. It was like explaining something to the spellchecker.


A disturbed girl goes for a late-nite walk in rural America. This was written in high school, and while critiques are always welcome, I probably won't ever be editing this one. I plan to leave it as an example of how my work has changed over the years. Please skip this if you're looking to critique something for wyvernsmiths.

In Deep Kelp

This is part of my first-ever art trade. :D Based on a picture by Kristina 'Aryana' Weiss. 'Trapped!'

Castle Eld 4 - In the Royal City

This Castle Eld story seems to jump around a lot, doesn't it? We've seen three different cities already. Well, here's a bit more for you. One of these days I'll draw up a map for the Castle Eld series. I'll also think up a better name for it.

Journals of the Master Baker - Day 1

This is my first entry for the Bifrost Heroes and Villans project. Hopefully I'll get the second half up sometime soon. See if you can spot a cameo of our mascot, Heimdall, carelessly hidden within it.

Castle Eld 3 - A Pie Thief

This piece of the story was inspired by an image in Audrey Totire's gallery. Thanks, Audrey!

Genesis Vault: at Center City (part 2)

Updated 12-08-05 Well, I have been writing. Not nearly as much as I'd like, but I have been putting out a minimal effort. More of my post-apocalyptic adventure. This piece is a bit long, and fairly unorganized. As always there are some formatting issues, and hopefully they'll get fixed soon.

Jenny: The Elf's Maid

Some male elves have been known to use their natural gifts of enchantment to overcome certain reluctances of members of the other gender. :D And if that doesn't work they might resort to using alcoholic spirits or other mind fogging drugs.

Man Eater

I like to call this my 'furry poem'. I'm not a huge fan of the furry subgenre and all that anthropomorphism stuff. However, if I HAD to chose an animal to give humanoid attributes I'd choose a cat. How very effin original, huh? Anyway, this poem came about as a sort of inner monologue for my inner-furry. She would, of course, be a courtesan, well-versed in spycraft. :D Short fur, long tail, solid chocolate brown, and yellow eyes. Hee hee. Furries!!!


Canada Clay is by far one of my favorite writers here in Wyvern's Library. While it hasn't gotten there yet, this story is headed for Keppie's Place. “Eckievres Nieatnouf” Many thanks go to Canada Clay for giving me permission fuse my world with his.

Castle Eld 1 - Stacked

Umm. I just started this piece the first week of November 2004. Kind of a wierd idea I've had. I can feel definate influences of Tad Williams, Stephen King, Patricia McKillip, and Dan Crawford in this one.

Castle Eld 2 - All Along the Watchtower

This is my offical entry for Bifrost's 'Music is My Muse' project. An older version has been on this page for years, but I've updated and edited this one a bit. I had the voice of Jimi Hendrix and the words of Bob Dylan stuck in my head one day. . .


I don't write much poetry. This little image snuck up on me. This damsel in distress made her thoughts to me clear. I've always loved that fantastic breed of demon, the incubus, or the succubus if you like females. :D The spawn of Satan and Lillith, Adam's first disobedient wife. Fantastic mythology.

Zamora - 2 - Blackened Bones

Zamora has been taking me places lately. You see, she thinks that if she shows me her childhood, I'll be able to figure out where she's going when I met her. You know... those minute fiction pieces that I just deleted to rework? Anyway, yeah. My fiction is posted for critiquing purposes only. Please leave constructive criticism. Thanks!

Giblet Gravy, Paparazzi Pixie

This is for a Bifrost project: Paparazzi of the Woods. A pixie reporter doing his 'Happily Ever After' section of the local news.

An Occasional Poem upon the Tenth Anniversary of the Elfwood Project

Other than the self-explanatory title, this was a submission for a Bifrost Project. I also wanna say 'Thank You All!' to Thomas and all of you mods and other folks behind the scenes. I've been here all ten years, even if I was only looking and commenting for a couple of years, instead of contributing. Even if I never get to make a monetary contribution to this project, hopefully, someone will read my Will & Last Requests. It tells everyone to send Elfwood donations instead of senselessly murdering flowers and other plants. ;D