Bah Twas time for me to finally return to elfwood after my long, long abstence. It was mainly because of people that know of me and decided to hate me for some reason. I wanted to leave. Hopefully they would have forgotten about me now!! anyway lets get down to business. Name: Big letters up there!! age: 17 Gender Female!! (its so original) Likes Witchcraft, gothic things i guess, anything to do with ghosts, guys with long hair (drools) Dislikes People who believe they know me because of a word of another. People that follow one person lead and have no mind of their own. People who dont take the chance to know people because they feel they are right and ponies. Abit about I hate college! I am a winter girl, i love cats, i have 2 ferrets that smell. Emmm i have been trying to be somewhat of an arist/doodler but failed at both. I get tired easy, and have no self will. I fit in nowhere, i fancie the socks of people that i can never get.... and DONT scream at me if i have done all that html thing wrong!!

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