Olivia Brammer

Hmmm ok something about me... well as you can probably see, my name is Olivia and one of my passions is drawing (obviously). I've always loved to draw, ever since I was little I was making some kind of story through pictures or doodles. Mind you my work has improved since those many years ago, but it's still a large learning process every day. Mainly my drawings are based on fantasy places or people with the occasional sci-fi thrown in. My boyfriend and I are also doing a comic that has not made it yet to the online world, but i'm hoping to God that will be very soon. Please enjoy my work that I have diplayed here and I always love the comments. I also appreciate the suggestions and criticisms because I always want ways to improve. Please dun be rude though its not very nice. Please also check out my friends!Brendon M.Trombley Thomas H. Rothlisberger Heather R. Davis

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