S. Malmberg

I am a teenager in a school in south of Sweden, and I've been writing Fantasy since maybe fifth or sixth grade. My favourite subjects are elves, faeries and dragons, and, of course, the struggle between the light and the darkness. When I started writing, it was about horses, after a Swedish lesson in school, when I thought 'Hey, this was fun!'. Since that I've continuned, and my stories have becomed better, more professional, than then. I think I am one of thoose who grabs the pencil and then write until there's no more to write about, or anyone interrupts my writing. I am currently working on a quarlogy called 'The Erigineea Saga: Mythics' Wings', that can be found through following the 'Private Library' link.


Tale of a gryphon kitten, part 2

The second part of the story about DemonClaw, the gryphon at Gryphon's Guild known as Snowflake.

Tale of a gryphon kitten, part 4

The fourth and shortest part of the gryphon kitten tale.

Death and mercenary

This is a poem I wrote some days ago 'bout my favourite char Anya Ironhand. And, well, it kinda worked out fine. I like it, anyway. I, who can't write poetry when I'm not depressed. I thought...

Tale of a gryphon kitten, part 3

Well, the third part of the gryphon kitten tale, the story about DemonClaw, on Gryphon's Guild known as Snowflake.

Fighting your Fate

This is the first story I have written in Metamor Keep setting, and I am very proud of it. Ulw is a rat-catcher, sent to deliver a message to Duke Thomas Hassan of Metamor Keep by a landlord who wanted to get rid of him. And no, Thomas didn't intend on keeping Ulw there, it was the message's fault, all of it. Estrella was, before her arrival to Metamor Keep, a member of some band that made a living out of ambushing merchants. I don't know, I haven't worked on her past too much...

Tale of a Gryphon Kitten, part 1

This is the first part of the Gryphon Kitten tale. This part describes, if not so good, how a gryphon gets linked to a fairy. I figured most of the story out when I was out walking my goat. The gryphon's first name is never mentioned by reasons that will be in other parts.

Once upon a dream

A story in the setting of the Shandaeria RPG, in the honor of our lovely Listmistress, Rita. You can find her Wyvern's Library shelf at http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/libr/r/i/rita/rita.html and in it, the story Dragon Maiden, that started the Shandaeria list. Do leave her a comment. And it was intentional that I didn't write any names in the whole story. It was meant to be displayed on the list homepage. I think there's a link to that page somewhere in my Fantasy gallery...

The Return

I wrote this for wyvern's some months ago, but I didn't understand how to save it as a HTML file until recently. I like it, it's not like some other stories I have, but the best I've ever written in English. I am working on a second part...