Anna Mölder

Hi there. I see you enjoy fantasy, since you are here? I just recently found my way into the woods, and boy, have I come home? The reason I havn't been poking around here before is..., well me and computers, we just don't mix. I do all my drawing by hand but, as you can see, I have learn't how to scan them. (Applause, please!) Favourite materials are watercolour and ink. I've been drawing all my life, and am now struggling to set up my own firm as an illustrator. I do comissioned work, as well as sell my own pictures and comic magazines. Fantasy is not what people in general ask for, so at the moment I don't have much that fit under that description. Therefore my gallery is a bit skinny (but growing). If you want to see any of my more 'regular' pictures, please check out my website. Now take a peek at my pictures, and feel free to comment. I try to answer everything, so don't be shy. All kinds of critisism is welcome. Have fun and don't forget to draw, draw, draw! Expect new uploads in the near future...

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