Zeina Ibrahim

i was a 16 yr old student when i first uploaded these stories. I'm now some way on and I still write simply to escape. My inspiration comes from all directions im pretty sure my stuff is reasonably good if somewhat cliche, it may not be great, but we'll see how you all like it. Favourite books james barclay the raven, phillip pullman the dark materials trilogy,among many others


The Struggle

 Sometimes it seems like the fight is over and our demons have won, but there is always hope and with hope comes the struggle to survive...

Glimmer of Hope

 Unbased emotion that we all try to slay but somehow keeps reviving, but there is light at the end..if only a glimmer

Chapter 1 part 1

this is the first chapter following the prologue of my hopefully soon to be novel...all your constructive criticism is muchly appreciated

War Zone

This is an essay for my english pre. I really like how it turned out given i only had an hour to write it.


this actually an extract from my future novel....hopefully- which is mostly still a work in progress-. im fairly satisfied with this part but i need some honest criticism, so please dont hold back


this is actually an essay for english that i did exceptionally well on -if i do say so my self- im going to try incorporate it into my would-be novel but ide like to see wat ye think of it.o and please let me know if theres any typo's


This is a poem i wrote in a free class. Its about a nightmare i had one night that i just had to write down.

Invisible Lives

this is another english essay that i did pretty well on. any criticisms then please feel free, oh and do inform of any typo's k thanx ^_^