Announcement: i'm starting something i'm calling the Elfwood Seasons Projects. It consists of me searching elfwood for artist/writers whose personality (and hopefully looks) match a particular season. i will then use that persons picture (with their permission of course) to Digitally paint them with the effects of said season. I have already chosen my Autumn Project, Easily so since this particular writer... i just need her to respond to me... (you can visit her site here ;lauren; inspired the idea, As such the Seasons project will be strickly Female, however the Elemental Project will be mixed genders. but thats gonna hafta wait until after the Seasons Project. If any of you would like to point me to an artist whom you think is appropriate (or volunteer yourself) for any of the three remaining seasons Winter, Summer, and Spring, it would be greatly appreciated as it will make my search shorter. However there are only 4 seasons so don't be angry with me if your not selected.

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