John Howes

Welcome to my fanart gallery mostly consisting of final fantasy and el goonish shive fanart. for those of you who don't know el goonish shive is a webcomic it can be found at I'll try to include other fan art. enjoy!

Pandora (short story)

I've always wanted to do something like this... though i never predicted the personality pandora ended up with.


this is an important chapter, brings about a series of events.

Dredars prophecy ch.2

this chapter is mostly informative... it tells you small bits of information some of which don't even matter. the others however are very important.

Poem: Death perception

A poem of mine already published by in the books Eternal poetry and colours of the heart (europe). but I can't exactly get much personal feedback from them, so tell me what you think, this is death personified (in my own way).

Dredars prophecey

this was mostly written to test the use of my version of the elven language

Look into my eyes (short story)

You really have to read this one a couple of times to get the most of it... but its interesting enough on a once through i think. Mind you though i plan to rewrite a bit make it more detialed based on the comments made here so try to leave nice useful comments.

The Darwood

medi-eval fantasy...this story is easier to read than it is to describe. suffice to say i'm working hard to make every action have its conciquences.