Remelisa Cullitan

 Last Updated: February 5, 2010Updates:Sadly, I haven't been updating....mainly because I haven't finished anything. Further updates hopefully coming soon. For those who want to know; My name is Remelisa Cullitan. I am 21, female, currently working p/t so I tend to have a lot of free time on my hands. I am fairly creative to an extent. I am influenced by some of my favorite authors that range from Phillip Pullman, Garth Nix, Anne Rice, Annette Kurtis, and Vladmir Nabokov (and more but I can't remember at the moment and just glanced at my bookcase for some names to throw out at you).I suppose my style is not even close to my favorite authors, so don't expect my writing to be cool like that. Currently I am just going through old stories I had written when I was fifteen and revamping them to sound either mature, interesting, and/or just improved.I love feedback. So please be critical. From my spelling, grammar, structure, etc, I want it fixed and I don't always catch it the first few times I read it through. If you don't see any mistakes then hopefully I got them all. =PIf you ever want to talk with me, you can e-mail me

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 9, 10

Meh, I am not so into that curse and 'drama' I tried to create so one of these days I will nix this and make up something that even I can be happy with.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 17, 18

I'm sorry if 18 seems weird. I guess I just wanted to show how clueless the girls are to the Vampires...

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 5,6

This story is not saturated with vampire-ness but the end is pack filled, just keep chugging! It only gets better with age... I told that once to a teacher... I think he thought I might have hit on him O_o... oops

Blood and Black roses CHPT 7,8

Oh, do I sense some disturbing Remi humor? You bet cha. I told you things do get interesting

War of Ghost and Bodies pt. 1

Intro to a story of sorcery and ancient times.... erm. That doesn't really tell you much, but hopefully the first paragraph catches your attention... just so you know, I know that it isn't normal to switch point of views suddenly, but please deal with it. I tried adding extra space and obvious changes so it can flow for you, my dear, dear, readers.

Ghost Catcher

This story idea came to me when I lost my cousin. I thought it would be great if I could see him one more time, or talk with him. Then I thought, why stop there, why not keep him around if I had the chance, but I suppose that would be selfish. My character Laurie gets this chance, from a strange child named Lilith. There isn't much to the story yet, but these six pages do give you a nice inside look into what I've got planned.

Dragnics, Taigress, and Airias, Oh My!

An old story and random title to go with it. I've been weeding through it and redid most of it so there are only five pages that I have gone through over and over. There are more but I do not deem them worthy yet to be seen by other people's eyes. Then again, I don't think this is quite there, but it is good enough for now. So far it is about: a young girl who is going to be sold off as a bride. A group of Dragnics (yes Drag...nics), then enter her abusive Uncle's pub. I'm assuming you all can assume what will happen next, but that would be in the next five-page installment.

Corundum Tower

I had a dream of this so now I'm putting it into words. Actually I dreamt the ending, so I've got some ways to go before ending it with my dream part. In my dream I was going up these stairs to see the queen. A lot of girls that I 'knew' were garnets, pearls, emeralds and such and they glared up at me. It was a very interesting dream indeed.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 24, 25

Love these two chapters since it shows the men's relationship with one another. And not in that sense, dirty minded people.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 19-21

Okay... chpt 19 I'm not happy with, but at the time I wasn't sure how to talk that subject in there about a vampire's abnormal senses... and then in 20 and 21 I try showing different point of views on the same event.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 22, 23

In CHPT 22 I have this vision of the tunnels under the Rose Maze but I feel that I haven't explained it to the detail I want to show you... so confused.

Faer Folk Chpt. 3

This is the end... No not really but I like to think so... oh well on and on with the lonesome tale of death... yeah... can you see a pattern yet? heh. I thought so... mocks someone who likes faeries, 'Oh no! Not the faeries! Why are you killing them? Why? Why?!' Well to ease your worried mind just because... anyway there are a lot more... there are plenty of stories to come of those silly faeries... heh... this one they die... hehe... like the others... bwahaa... well enjoy!

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 13, 14

In CHPT 13 I wanted the feel to be like a rave, or just a teenage-hormone, induced party that's wild. I don't think I got the right feel so I'll work on that later. In CHPT 14, I wanted there to be a contrast between the Vamps and the other creatures of darkness. I wanted the Vamps to seem more elegant and sophisticated.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 15, 16

Good luck remembering the Ten... I barely remember them and I wrote about them. It's like, they were there then they are gone... sad. I will change the title of CHPT 16... Orgy Waltzing? Yeah. that will change when I edit this story later.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 28, 29, 30, 31

Last chapters and it is a longer read. This is the ending, this is it guys. Hope you've enjoyed my story.

Faer Folk chpt. 1

When you are a faery/faerie/fairy things aren't always easy for you... well in Faer Folk you will now catch a glimpse of how hard things are for you if you were small and curious. In this chapter, Chapter One, the main character Farost just got too curious for any faeries good.


I was looking up words in the dictionary and this word popped up reminding me of Cerebus who guarded the gates to Hades. But this is a hound, and hounds track and hunt creatures down. Happy hunting everyone.

Once Upon a Queer Chpt. 1

If this title offends anyone I'll change it to the more cleaner one, 'Once upon a Queen,' anyway this story is about a princess that isn't really a princess therefore the name Queer. Well rather drag queen. I'm not done but let us hope Roberta finds true love shall we?

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 11, 12

Okay... I've never been inside a hearse so I made up what the inside would look like... recently I saw a hearse for sale so I might buy it for kicks. A little Spokane info, Rathdrum is located several miles from the Spokane Valley. Saw the name and liked it while on a road trip.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 1,2

True the first few chapters you do not know what's so elfwoodian about this story, but just a friendly reminder that I am only trying to build up the characters before the climax of, 'Oh my god, Hot Vampires!' I know this needs work on, but frankly I don't have the time... All I can say to sale this story is that it is finished and I enjoy reading parts of it... not all but certain parts, I sometimes wonder if I really wrote any of it

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 26, 27

Chpt 26 is background info on the two vamps and their partnership. While 27 is Eva's attempt to kill Lee for what happened to Casey.

The Woods of Ages

Was going to name it Elf Wood... but you know... lol anyways I wrote this for my secret pal, but I think she didn't like it... oh well... I like it so there!

The Tenth Coffin Chpt. 1

The after-life can be tough. Especially when you are in love. But it does sure help to have a grandpa who makes you into an undead! Geez... But still life for Vincent seems to get harder as he seeks a 'normal' life.

Blood and Black Roses CHPT 3,4

Well three main characters are already shown, and now onto the main course!

Faer Folk Chpt. 2

Another tragic ending... *tear-sniff-sniff* This is shorter and it's a cute part... it shows the love of one faery... *Part two of Farost* Yunle is off to battle against the monsters *we humans* and... oh you just have to read and find out!!!

Faer Folk Chpt. 4

After the war, erm, battle, there are surviors. Here's one of the many tragic tales that happened, that is... quite funny... to me at least but so be it!

Mirror World

In this story a girl (Always a girl as a main character... where are the boys... erm men?) is basically followed and was... *cough cough* And something very unlikely happened that saved her.

Tree Dreams

Have you ever waited? To be loved? To have your love come back? For news of grief or joy? I hope this relates. If not then I need to work on it asap.