Megan Tael

Ok just so everybody knows...I hate bios. Dont expect any super fantastic about this. Ok here it goes. My name is megan. I like horses. I like to draw I suck at drawing people. Thank you for coming to my pics...bubye!! ~Megan Update: I made most of my pictures small so you could see them w/out scrolling over. Except for the axe one. I didn't wanna ruin it in any way. :o) Update: Ok! I have been listening to the comments!(go megan! Go megan!)I have put up a new picture for everybody to see my improvement! And you will see much!! Comments always help!! Please comment. Art Critism is always appreciated!! Update 11/2/04: Thanx to the people who told me what a wacom tablet is. Muchos appreciated! It seems really cool. oOo! Maybe i'll get 1 for christmas! Anyways. I have a lot better art to put up, much better. I dont know why my gallery sucks so much. I can do much better. Anyways. Thanks for visiting my gallery! ----------------------------------- HoMAHGAWD! Its been forever since I was on here... I gave it up for Reason being On here its only fantasy stuff...and...stuff..there i can put anything.. anyways. i firgured if people are still gonnalook at my stuff it might as well be something better.. even if it takes forever to put a few things on and they can only be fantasy..okay..whatever.. I'm done now..sooo...bye. ------------------------------------------------- well what can i say, dont like this site very much, only keep it up cause i have some material, the tickets suck, i like deviantart much dont have to wait a friggin month to submit a picture..but cant kick me off for that. so yeah. i have a character and her name is rosie,. or something...i dont knoww. i dont really have a name for her. but today i created my first animation of a little zombie girl..pretty cool eh? yepyepyep.. sooo ya..later.. -------------------------------------------- Well, just to proove i don't suck anymore, i have uploaded a few pciture;s. Yes I am still alive . So yeah.  THis is an update, I still go on deviantart more cause it is so much better but whatever people, do what you will. I am just prooving a point here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------May 16th, 2007- Wow, it's been awhile to say the least. My style has somewhat changed...significantly. I mean, kind of. Not really sure. But I have learned the fine art of prisma color markers. They are...AMAZING. Once you get the hang of them. Until then, you are stuck in the whole, crappy phase. But I am getting used to them. And I don't think I have introduced my pirate characters. There's Kathryn Scarr, Maddy, Elizabeth, Scarlett, Peter, etc. In no particular order. You will get to know them soon enough.

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