I am 16 years old; I adore reading and writing; scifi/fantasy is my favorite genre.I love to draw, though I am not very good. I like reading, writing, drawing, lucid dreaming, internet, webdesign, penpals, etc. Favourite movies Underworld, Harry Potter, Narnia, Bridge to Terabithia, Spiderwick Chronicles, Blood and Chocolate, Braveheart, Stardust, etc. Favourite books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn!, Every Witch Way but Dead, Kitty and the Silver Bullet, Green Rider, Path of Fate, Heart of Stone, Eragon, Eye of the World, (and I could spend weeks listing them off, but I don't see the point in that so I'll end it here.) Favourite music Celtic, Country, Classical, Jazz, Español

03. The Tiger's Claw

This chapter is about 500 words longer than the other two, but I still wish it could be a bit longer. It may be a while before I get chapter four up, I haven't even started writing it yet. I had originally intended to have the Chancellor explain to Violet what was going on in this chapter, but I hate writing explanations in dialogue. I have a much better idea to get the point across to the reader. But the next chapter moves back to Shelbi and Fred, so you have to be patient.

02. The Tiger's Claw

Chapter two of my story! Slightly longer than chapter one, but not by much. Hope you enjoy!

01. The Tiger's Claw

Yep, the story of my friends and I as Anthros. I had to use my psuedonym Violet in this case, because someone with bright purple eyes wouldn't be named Hazel.

00. The Tiger's Claw (prologue)

The prologue of a story I'm writing for my friend. I thought it would be amusing to have a story in which we were all Anthros... Sort of lame, but oh well. This isn't supposed to be a masterpiece or anything, it's just supposed to be fun.

The King

This poem is written to a dream character that I encountered a while back. It was a very memorable dream, so I hold this poem very dear to my heart.

The Forest is a Place of Secrets

This is just a short poem I wrote about an enchanted forest.