Kristy Moir

Like everyone else, I find writing these things difficult.. but I guess I'm quite creatively minded - loving art, architecture, music and films. Anything with pretty visuals or noises and I tend to be kept happy. I'm on a mission to keep my gallery as varied as possible as I try out new media, techniques and styles.I think most of my creative influence and mind for fantasy can be accredited to Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Philip Pullman, Kelly Armstrong, Brian Lumley.. and probably too many films to mention.Any other info of relevance or not can be found on:'s been pretty busy so I've not had much time recently to get projects finished and up on here.. unfortunately this seems to becoming a regular occurance.DEC 07Wow it seems to be getting a little too close to a year since my last big update. Although I've not had a chance to put much up recently I have been sauntering about Elfwood doing a little modding, so still keeping up to date with what's happening. I've also been working on one or two things so there should be more work up over Christmas and possible a Fan Art page opened :)FEB 07Finally putting up a Christmas card design and a photo from a shoot in 2006 that I'd misplaced: 'Patience'. I've since then continued with the Alice in Wonderland theme and I'm just waiting to finish off a film. Baited breath an' all that jazz.AUG 06And... I have recently finished my mum's long over-due birthday present 'Epona: Guardian of Souls', and 'Daisies Weren't Designed for Rainstorms'.  Hopefully a photoshoot coming up too - got some wonderfully mystical woods round Aberdeen =)Enough babble - enjoy and all crit welcome.

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