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The Burglaring brute of the story. done for a school assignment. BURGLARING BRUTE (B.B. for short) is pretty much your typical scoundrel - greedy, conniving, opportunistic, and vile... though his is not all too bright, or maybe he's just too lazy to try. Personality : hot-tempered a glutton lazy and laid-back cowardly Powers & abilities : Most obvious would be his bulk. B.B., though not all too tall by normal standards, makes up for his deficiency with a powerful punch. But otherwise, it would be his overwhealming greed, though while it could be his trump card, it can also be the key to his undoing. Weaknesses : to put it simply -- $$ (money), or any other form of currency/valuables. Though he may not look it, B.B.'s a farm boy, but with a disturbingly violent streak. Even as a child, he used to scare the chickens in the coop. B.B. is a coward, and would never pit himself up against those smaller than him. He is the typical playground bully who never grew up, remining his mama's 'precious little angel' even to this day -- -- 'A brute? Naw, he's just having some fun. It's not his fault he has big bones.' ------------------------------------- -BURGLARING BRUTE (B.B.) hears of myth of MAJIK PIGGY BANK (P.B.) of the high wixard's tower, and the riches to be found in its belly. -B.B. waits till high wizard's tower to be empty and steals into the high wizard's son's room. -B.B. about to smash P.B. when P.B. speaks up and tells B.B. that what's in its belly will disappear unless the contents were given willingly, by it. - B.B. doesn't know what to believe, but is greedy and lazy to look for other job to get more $$. 'Fine, what do I have to do to get what's in your belly, then?' he asks. -P.B. agrees to give B.B its belly's contents if he will take it to the Fountain of life that it may be granted movement and control over its limbs. To be animated. - B.B. agrees. P.B. gets its wish at the Fountain and can move on its own. Is granted a life of its own, but a heart as well. - it realises the boy's love for it and that whatever's in its belly is precious to the boy. - refuses to give its contents to burglar, explains that its contents are not valuable anyway as they consist of many buttons, pebbles, and only a few pennies. - B.B. won't believe it. moves to attack P.B. Boy had been following that, and at this point, upon seeing B.B.'s reaction, leaps to P.B.'s rescue, taking the blow for it. - boy falls unconcious to the ground with big gaping bludgeon wound in head. - P.B., in valiant act of vengence, lures B.B. into a hollow log that tapers off towards the end, like a cone. - B.B. gets stuck, and P.B. runs away and back to its master, the boy. - sees that boy is dying and cries. P.B. gives boy the life it had only just found to save boy's life, and thus returns things to what they once were. - The End -

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