“You are what you eat,” his mother used to say…

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Name : Merkronth aka Monty Age : 25 Alignment : Chaotic Neutral Merkronth, or Monty as he has been dubbed by many of his peers, is the only one of his kind. Born to the race of vicious Red Dragons, Monty grew up with the most un-Red taste for sweets. He was often teased as a result, whenever he shied away from his siblings during gory mealtimes filled with fresh raw meat. However, Monty was in no way less merciful than his brothers and sisters and enjoys the thrill of the hunt as much as the next dragon when it comes to bringing down his next meal… even if he does pick on prey of the smaller variety.. His favourite food, gumball eyes freshly plucked out of the skulls of the gingerbread men that reside in a candy city just below his lair. But as the story goes, and after many a long trail of blind gingerbreadmen, karma finally crept up on Monty when he was unable to resist the legendary horde of a renoun candy maker -- a kindly old gnome by the name of donttouchmycandyoryouwillbeinsoooomuchtrouble. Apparently, the not-so-kindly-gnome had his own tricks up his sleeve, and had had a small gumball enchanted with a most vicious spell... As time went by, Monty's bright red colours started fading into bands of powder pink and rose, a pattern that spread over his tongue and tail as well; his crest to liquorice, the membranes of his wings hardened slightly to resemble the crinkly texture of candy wrappers. His scales though developed the most unfortunate habit of softening in the sun and water, making it a risk for him to come into any type of contact with water and/or high temperatures. Regardless, Monty still can, or should be (should circumstances allow), able to live to a ripe old age of fifty million. At the age of twenty-five, he is but a child, or teenager at most… It is often hard to tell with dragons, them being as unapproachable as they are (seeing how approaching one, period could get your head bitten off). Monty is mischievous and greedy to boot; and quite a power for one of his age – a power most would do well to avoid… If they were candy of course.

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