Yasmine Mayor *Veya Wolfheart*

Hi there! My name's Yasmine, but you can call me Veya. If you want to know more about these names, please refer to my SF&F Art gallery. Here's Fanquarter, so let's talk about fanart.As you can see, I'm very much into RPG video games, mostly Final Fantasy series, Suikoden, Star Ocean, and such. I also like Baldur's Gate and other Forgotten Realms related games, as well as Champions of Norrath. Anyway, I need to escape this world, no matter the destination! For some reason, I like working with Fimo clay when it comes to picturing fanart. I've been on a modelling streak lately so you'll find my creations below.Please leave comments! My Fan Art gallery is full. I don't really want to delete anything here, but I won't have the choice if I wish to put up new stuff. I have regrouped similar creatures in one picture, so nothing will be lost. The older pieces will remain as long as nothing new needs to come here... Have fun! Updated on 19th June 2007