Yasmine Mayor *Veya Wolfheart*

Welcome, traveller, to my little grove in these Woods. The path has been long, I know. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable, here's a cup of crystal-clear water. If you care to listen, I have a good story for you. I was born a human in Switzerland in 1980. My childhood was quite a painful one, among loneliness, serious family problems and 'friends''betrayals. My only true friend was my cat, and who unfortunately died in 2003. Realizing that a place in this world would be hard to get, I started telling myself stories about a better world, a better life with adventures, magical creatures... and love. All that was obviously missing in this world. This became my Real Life. I lived in a closed domain ruled by a group I called 'the bandits'. They wanted me to join their society, but freedom seemed more appealing to me. I lived in an underground lair but I had trouble almost every time I got out to get some food. One day, there was no turning-back. There was an ambush and bows started to sing. I somehow managed to kill everyone - but one. And when our eyes met, a much sweeter arrow pierced us both. We fled together, with my Unknown Friend whose name I didn't even know (he neither, by the way). In human society, they were called by numbers and they were taught to forget their names. We went in the Northern Forest, his homeland, the only thing he remembered. There, he found his name again. In spring 1996, I drew the portrait of my lover in Real Life, and stuck it on my cupboard. When things went hard, I used to call his name and hope for some help. I see you smiling, my friend. You think I'm a dreamer?... Well, I guess you're right. ;Back in material world, I met my first shared love, who ditched me after one year in a cowardly manner I don't want to tell about here. But that's history now, one more scar in my past, and I will live on. He left me with my dream again, and the firm conviction that boys were all jerks. In Real Life, dark elves made me trip and fall onto rocks. Break my skull. And die. Then, a forest being, elf or nymph, came by, took over my body and gave it new life and new name. Veya Wolfheart was born. She took my role in this story, and conquerred the heart of my beloved. She is me, I am her. A half-elf as you see me. Back down here, fed up with my loneliness again, I connected on a dating site where I met several boys. Then, I asked to see them one by one... and one of them caught my eye. He was the guy of my drawing. I was so moved, I guess I was shaking! We spent a very sweet evening together, then started to date. Love again was shared. I told him about Real Life, and he accepted his Real Name, and mine; and I've been living my dream awake ever since. Time passed. Again and again, I realized that this Real Life was more than just a story. My heart moved on accordingly, restless. The severe head fracture came, but not for me, my husband took the blow, for whatever reason. Maybe I should have gone on imagining, I would know where to go now, but I'm kinda stuck in the spiral, bumping into the walls. Or should I say... into the well? There, I hope I didn't annoy you with such a long story, but I guess it was worth it. Now feel free to wander around and have a look at my pictures. I would be very happy to read what you think of them. And constructive criticism is always welcome! Oh yes, since the big Elfwood transformation, my Fan Quarter got mixed with my Fantasy gallery, so you will find all my fanart here as well. Video game stuff, mainly. Enjoy your stay, traveller.