Final Fantasy Friendly Creatures

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Yasmine Mayor *Veya Wolfheart*

Here is the first group picture I had to make in order to get more place in my Fan Art gallery... *sigh*, it's so small! Anyway, you'll find nothing but familiar faces in these groups. Top left : *Puluche* No, this one is not King Cid of Lindblum... It's just your ordinary oglop, bouncing around and pillaging vegetable fields. This little bug-like creature holds quite an important place in FF 9. And before anyone asks about the title : yes, I play french versions, and "puluche" is the french name for "oglop".Fimo clay, wires in the legs and arms, 2.5 cm tall and 4 cm long. August 2005. Top middle : *Cait Sith* You hate him or you love him, but you have to agree that he's rather courageous in the Temple of Ancients... Here comes Cait Sith, the stuffed cat riding a giant moogle in FF 7, and who appears again as one of Lulu's dolls in FF 10, as Rikku's mascot dress in FF 10-2 and also in FF 7 - Dirge of Cerberus as himself! Fimo clay, wires in the rear paws to hold him upright, 8 cm tall. July 2005. Top right : *Moomba* I know you're all eager to meet my Moomba. So greet him in a proper way : 1... 2... 3... Welcomu! This is an original character from FF 8, who appears again in FF 10 as one of Lulu's dolls.Fimo clay, 8 cm tall. 2005. Bottom left : *Squatter Monkey* So hard to find them, so cute when you see them! Here is the Squatter Monkey from FF 10 and 10-2.Fimo clay. 3 cm tall. January 2006. Bottom middle : *Koyo* Little is known about this benevolent character that you've seen in FF 8, during the UFO Subquest and in FF 10 as one of Lulu's dolls. Right, most of you probably know him under the name PuPu...Fimo clay, 7.5 cm tall, 2005. Bottom right : *Onion Knight* Now, would you expect an ultimate weapon to look like THAT??? Honestly...You're not dreaming, here's the fearsome Onion Knight, legendary doll-weapon of Lulu in FF 10. And yeah, he does deal a lot of damage to the enemies who laugh at his cute appearence. But he's a real pain to get!Fimo clay, wires in the feet to hold him upright, 7.5 cm tall. July 2005. Photos taken by me or my husband (I have his permission to post them here), sculptures and editions (in Photoshop) made by me. December 2006.All creatures from Final Fantasy series (FF)Characters © Squaresoft / Square-Enix

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