Ailene Yee

While I don't have the time for it I used to, I still love to find I've lost several hours to my sketchbook. I'm heavily influenced by RPGs, books, and, to a lesser extent, anime and manga, which most of my earlier stuff tends to reflect heavily, and my newer stuff less so.  For the most part, I do pencil work--partly the product of laziness.  I'm working on that.  And now that I have a tablet, that's even easier.  Charcoal, pastels, and other media are something I'd like to get deeper into. For everything that doesn't belong on Elfwood, or just more info on me, try my homepage or my DA Gallery! I like Reading, biking, running, web design and development, video games, sleeping, eating, outdoors. Favourite books The Night Angel trilogy (Brent Weeks in general, really), Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, Ender's Game, The Belgariad, The Dark Elf Trilogy, His Dark Materials, Discworld, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire Favourite music Alternative, Progressive, Trance, game OSTs, some Asian pop (yeah, that's right)