Yeechi Chen

16 May '03 ~ Norwescon was a lot of fun! I met a lot of really talented artists and interesting people. And I sold a print, which is always nice. I've finally gotten around to updating this gallery with some new things, and I requested a Zone 47 gallery for my 'modern fantasy' stuff, so there may actually be updates here. I'm planning on showing at Westercon 56 later this summer, if you want to see things in person. 11 Nov '02 ~ Oy, no new updates... yet! But, barring a major disaster, I will be showing at Norwescon 26 next April. Eek. : ) And I have a new personal gallery in the works as well, so keep a mouse on that 'Personal Gallery' link!22 Feb '02 ~ I've just cleaned out some of the old stuff in this gallery, hoping to raise the overall level of my artwork. Since I joined Elfwood in December 2000 (and Epilogue not too long after), I've been seriously thinking (and sometimes practicing) about pushing my art to higher levels. Any comments and critiques are more than welcome. I can be convinced to do commissions, trades or requests. Some are more easily convinced than others. I'm also willing to let you use my art, but please ask first! Most of my art is done with Prismacolor colored pencils or digitally with my happy Wacom Graphire and Painter/Photoshop. I'm a second-year physics graduate student up in beautiful Seattle, Washington. (This leaves nearly zilch time for much drawing.) Feel free to contact me via the various means to the right; you'll probably find most success with AIM. Also remember to visit my Epilogue gallery, which has some pieces not displayed here.