george yesthal

I am a 55 year old abject failure. I know that souds a bit hard, but it seems the only things that I have been good at for any length of time is art and music (guitar), and those only marginally. I was a tattoo artist for some years, so some of the art you will be viewing here is body art. I would love to secure full-time employment in the art fielad, so if anyone out there is hiring or knows someone who is, please check out my stuff and see what you think. Critiques are more than welcome and over the years I;ve developed a pretty thick skin, so please don't feel compelled to be polite or pull any punches. Sorry for the poor quality of the downloads, but I'm an old fart who's kind of new to (and still getting the hang of) this computer thing. I cleaned them up as much as possible, given my limited grasp of the Photoshop program. I will certainly endeavor to hone my skills as I have seen some amazing potential while viewing some of the other artists worfk here on Elfwood. Hope you like my stuff and thanx for your time.