Jon Bjorgvinsson

I'm A 26 year old boy,man,guy from Reykjavik, Iceland. All my life I've had a pen and paper next to me and wether I'm making a quick scetch or a grand painting I always enjoy to push myself harder so that I can learn more and become more proficciant. I like Drawing, writing, poetry, film, books, acting, sculpting, gaming and the list goes on fairly much in similar catagories. Favourite movies Lord of the rings. Legend of the seeker. Star Wars. but otherwise I am rather picky on fantasy shows... they have to be rather similar to my own thoughts on the matter just so I try to watch them. Favourite books to much to write, LotR is there, and all the works by Neil Gaiman but other then that I read everything that I can get my hands on... and I mean everything. Favourite music Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, and this list gets harder and spikeyer as it continues. also I love to listen to Verdi and Bach.