Jessica Ng

June 2006; ...Oy... procrastination, disappearance, and recovering from a bit of hectic+stress(+panic?). I don't know when I'll get around to replying to all the comments that I (Still) Intend to Reply to and any new ones that are left in the meantime as well - always rather surprised to see a New Comments notification e-mail in the inbox of the address that I use here but it's a very pleasant surprise and while I might not be too quick to respond (things come up or I don't know quite what to say at that immediate moment) I thank you for your words and appreciate you taking the time to share them. I hope to at least get around to addressing some if not all (even if I am late). January 2005; I've long fallen out of the wood it feels, but there might be some life left in this neglected gallery yet and I think I might try and see if I can revive it a little. I apologize if some of the pieces look or feel faded, especially the older submissions, I was using a darker at the time I adjusted the brightness of those scans. I might try to amend some of those; and I will remove the white background of the sketch in 'Feathered Dreams,' but not the sketch in the corner itself. I think... 'Fair Knight' may be deleted, 'Fiery Earth' will be deleted, and maybe it's time for 'the Five' to go (a new and revisited version may show up, but I think it's time for that one to be kept away). I'm... hoping that 'In Memoriam' will be allowed to stay but the fantasy aspect of it is rather subtle (he seemed slightly 'druid like' to me at the time and emotion may have also played a part) so the moderators may not agree that it should and I don't blame them if they don't. You'll also hopefully see the 'Keeper of Souls' if approved by the moderators as she is also a slightly subtle piece though she has been here before in her unfinished state ('Death's Lament;' thought I might mention that, since someone or a few have asked me to finish her long ago, and finally I think I have). Slip into the mist and let the light notes of melancholy touch you. Linger here a while, or walk on and wander elsewhere if you so wish. There are talented others and new things to see and experience. Open your mind and limit not yourself. Choose freely and take care. Thank you Alexis Schmitt for the beautiful picture of 'me'. January 2005; 'Keeper of Souls' uploaded (I think I might reply more comments on the comments themselves here now... sort of to show that I'm still alive :p) Places that might be of some interest: Thomas F Abrahamsson (A 1000 thanks for Elfwood) | (artist) Gillian Sein Ying Ha | (artist) Jeff LaSala | (pussycat) Marcel Nyström | (artist) William Li | (artist and namesake sister) Jessica Ng | (he's nuts) Benjamin P. Albrecht | (madman) Chris Brant | (fellow stalker) Cindy Rosenthal | and others