Jessica Ng

I've made a discovery, or rather I've realized one. Very few people actually read long 'stories' here in the library and online, at best they would print it out and read it offline (some conveniently forgetting to comment online when they are done). So, no more 'long' pieces will be posted here. If there's a longer piece, a short version or a 'teaser' may be posted with a note in the description and if you wish to read it, you may ask (politely). A valid e-mail Must be provided. October 2nd, 2003: 'Days of Jane, Prelude' added (not officially back yet) August 25th 2003; Now that's an Old realization, and an old update to this page. Oh well. I don't write much lately and most of these here are old pieces (but feel free to read if you like). The state of my writing is... 'well, I Used to write.' I may or may not come back to it, but I can't really say when.

Days of Jane, Prelude

I have... I Had an ending to this story idea, but I couldn't figure out how to link the two together. 'Prelude' is as far as I wrote, and likely to stay there.

I see you there

Don't just walk away.

The Image of Death

I believe it was written on Oct 25 2000. Umm... it was an entry for a halloween writing competition unfortunately I never found out who won and gave up waiting. I probably missed it. Anyway, tell me what you think? I don't write things like these too often, and when I do they usually don't turn out too great.

The Finish Line

Open to opinions. I'm not really satisfied with this one though, but it's up here to show that I _can_ write something other than the works you've already seen, and it stays until I can find something better.

Sea Foam

It was supposed to be a Snippets story. Sort of a mailing list story where short 'chapters' would be mailed out to listmembers after an agreed period of time. It never took off, mostly because I didn't seem to get too Interested a response and I didn't feel like just sending it out to one or two friends.


A poem written by HalfFace. *walks off wondering if anyone remembers who HalfFace is* *comes back* Um... this is kind of an aftermath of a long story.

Trapped (Poem)

Just something that escaped that little metal box in my brain and wound up to my hand which wrote it. I'm not really sure if I should put it up though, it isn't _exactly_ fantasy or anything

Misadventures (collab.)

It's not quite polished but... It's a light comedy. Collaboration piece with Marcel.


Unpolished and I'm not sure I quite understand the 'story' but I have finally started writing again! (in other words, I shan't be badgering my muse until later). 27 mins of editing time and this is the result (so please be gentle with the criticizm). September 2002: Minor revising. *chuckle* Er... Well. there is at least one obvious mistake in this piece. Must have been in the reediting, whoops.

She Lives in Dreams

Dedicated to the Muse and Merriment Guild. Written in December 1998

Dark Pentagram

a meeting of two old friends discussion of what is to be done about the harsh times.